New PhD Applications

Please contact me directly if you are looking to do a PhD. I am currently interested in supervising students in the areas of mobile/digital money and payments, financial services/fintech, video production, interactive automotive media, internet of things (IoT), domestic and family technology use. I’m particularly interested in supervising work focusing on interaction design, with a focus on qualitative research methods (I’m especially interested in hearing from candidates with interests in ethnography, ethnomethodology, workplace studies, or video analysis, though not exclusively).

I am especially looking for great doctoral students in the area that I call FinUX or FinCHI, as a part of fintech: see this link to apply to study with me in the area of interactions with digital money – note that this has a UX/HCI focus, and isn’t for general cryptocurrency projects. There is no application deadline.

Research Students

I currently supervise one PhD:

  • Saiphit Satjawisate – digital money, digital civics. Began Q4 2019.

Previous Students (11 graduated)

  • Stavros Tasoudis (2020) Remote participatory automobile interactions. Computer Science, Brunel University London (currently: submitting corrections).
  • Najeeb Abdulhamid (2019) Harnessing Collaborative Technologies in Digital Disaster Response Work: An Examination of Digital Volunteers’ Activities in Processing Crisis Data. Computer Science, Brunel University London.
  • Francois Roubert (2018) ‘Intensely distributed nanoscience: co-ordinating scientific work in a large multi-sited cross-disciplinary nanomedical project’. Computer Science, Brunel University London (currently: Senior Lecturer, Westminster University, London).
  • Chandrika Cycil (2015) ‘Technology and the family car: situating media use in family life’ (co-funded by Microsoft Research), DISC, Brunel (currently: UX researcher, Google, UK).
  • Roshanak Zarabi (2011) Storing, caring and sharing: examining organisational practices around material stuff in the home, DISC, Brunel (currently: Teaching Fellow, Brunel Uni.).
  • Laurel Swan (2011) Home/work: implications for domestic technologies, DISC, Brunel University (currently Research Fellow, RCA, London).
  • Caroline Shangar (2009) Ubiquitous proximimity-sensitive systems, DISC, Brunel University (currently: project manager, Vodafone Group Plc).
  • Marije Kanis (2009) Mobile technology and socio-affective computing. DISC, Brunel University (currently: Researcher, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).
  • Jacqueline Brodie (2004) ‘Supporting communication on the move: user activities and implications for mobile technology design’. DISC, Brunel University (currently: Research Fellow, Napier University).
  • Gabriella Spinelli (2004) ‘Distributed Cognition: Artefacts and computational space for collaborative problem solving’. DISC, Brunel University (currently: Reader in Design, Brunel University).
  • Janet Cole (2002) ‘Media Use and CSCW: A socio-organisational computational description of accounting activities’. DISC, Brunel University (currently: Associate Professor, Kingston University).

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